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From household chemicals, soap is perhaps the most harmless and environmentally friendly product. This yellow-brown bar consisting of sodium salts of fatty acids. Acid-Alkaline Balance provides excellent soap washing ability. It removes heavy and old stains which can not be removed even by washing powder. The containing of fatty acid creates foam, which help to washing even in cold water. It also positively affects the properties of certain tissues, make textile more structured. For example, the wool becomes softer and fluffier.


Fatty acids

Fatty acids are widely used as an active component of detergents, soaps. In the livestock and poultry industries, as additives in food, in the production of food for domestic animals in the production of biofuels.

Laundry soap 72% Group 1 GOST (State-wide standard) 4544: 2006

Laundry soap 72%, 150 g, 200 g, 300 g Group 1 GOST (State-wide standard) 4544: 2006 Environmentally friendly product. Made only from natural materials with no use of dyes, fragrances and clay. Soap is one of the most effective hygiene products. It does not cause allergies, it has antimicrobial properties and is an effective desinfectant.

Soap "Bath", 200 g GOST (State-wide standard) 4537: 2006

Made by traditional technology. It contains no chemical additives, protects from germs, softens and tones the skin, face and body. The dense, easily removed foam gives the skin a feeling of purity, freshness and softness.

Soap flakes

Soap flakes are used in the steel industry (drawing, calibration, stamping, etc.) as technological oil and as a surface active agent.

For drawing of brass, aluminium and steel wire, for manufacturing of pipes, rods and wire of various groups, for nail production, the dry powder lubricants are widely used. The lubricants must provide high wear resistance to the tools as well as required surface quality of products, reducing the coefficient of friction. When traction is performed at high speeds, an effective cooling of tools is needed.

To solve these problems, usually, the soap flakes are used, which is a mixture of sodium salts and fatty salts containing the basic substance from 60 to 88%. Soap flakes are used both in pure forms or mixed forms with other paste-like consistency and olive oils (petroleum jelly, bitumen), vegetable oils, animal fats, powders of metal stearates, etc.